New low back pain procedure gets FDA approval

Royal Oak, Michigan., July 27, 2016

The most common reason people go to the doctors - low back pan. According to NIH, 80 percent of adults, will experience low back pain some time in their lives. chronic low back pain, lasting 12 weeks or longer, affects nearly one-third of the nations population.  Now a minimally invasive, nerve ablating procedure, recently cleared by the FDA may give some people with chronic low back pain a new treatment option. The system is proven to be safe and effective in clinical trials. It is much less invasive than typical surgical procedures to treat low back pan. Under local anesthesia with mild sedation, through a small opening in the patient's back, an access tube is inserted into a specific bony structure of the spine, called a vertebral body. Radio frequency energy is transmitted through the device, creating heat, which disables the nerve. The minimally invasive, implant free procedure takes less than one hour. The nerve ablation procedure and technology was deposed by Relevant Medsystems, Inc., a California-based medical device company.