MRK Medical Consultants is a co-sponsor of Masters Seminar Motions for Summary Judgment Do's and Dont's from the Office to the Court, presented by San Joaquin County Trial Lawyers Association and Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada. Honorable Barbara Kronlund, San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge and Jeanette Gerlomes, Research Attorney for Judge Kronlund along with Co-Chairs Lawrence M. Knapp, David B. Walker and Mike Kronlund. Approved for 1.5 General Hours of MCLE. Registration at www.CAOC.ORG/18SJCTLA-ADC. Held at Valley Brew Restaurant 157 West Adams Street, Stockton, CA 95204. Additional CO-sponsors The Arcane Halterbeck Group, Baird Private Wealth Management, CALDEP, Offices of Noah S. A. Schwart...

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Pumpkin spice lattes are out, weather is a bit cooler and in California where we sometimes have little changes to denote fall, it has been a bit cooler. Kids are back in school, traffic is heavier, and the fires that were so bad in California this year continue to burn.

Last week I-5 was shut down due to a fire north of Redding. It reopens today to one lane of traffic each way and they are keeping a close watch as this fire continues to burn at a furious pace.

My niece lives in North Carolina and they are under watch for a hurricane and evacuations have started. News reports say there may be two hurricanes lined up in the Atlantic to follow on this ones heels.

The PGA Golf tournament was rained out over the weekend and Tiger was in thir...

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Michael R. Klein, MD. is on his way to New Delhi, India to present at a Spine meeting. Safe travels Dr. Klein.

Dr. Klein is flying to India today to speak at a spine symposium. Safe travels Dr. Klein.

Going through 100's of old Fortune Magazines from the 1930's through 50"s that belonged to my father and I am making a catalog of them. Half way through this project I decided to take a look at what was going on 67 years ago, Sept 1951.

The article begins. - TV around the power plant. Electric companies have taken the lead in putting TV to work for industry. To date, companies have purchased about 100 TV systems world wide and are using them to get views of water levels in tanks, flames in coal furnaces and the thing I find most interesting is they are using them in surgery. Color TV cameras are revolutionizing medical instruction. Smith, Kline & French were using TV's in the operating room to allow more students to watch surgery fro...

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Aretha will be buried in 24-karat gold plated Promethean casket made of solid bronze. Interior finished with champagne velvet with her name embroidered in gold metallic thread. She wore four different gowns for her viewings; red on Tuesday, powder blue on Wednesday, rose gold on Thursday and gold lame today. She was dressed in a sparkling full-length gold dress with sequined heels for her final outfit. She is being honored by many politicians, sports figures, dignitaries and entertainers as a woman who was more than an entertainer, she was an inspiration for generations of Americans. The nation has celebrated her for a week and the tributes come to a close today with her funeral. The funeral is available for viewing online and on TV.


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Everyone have a fantastic safe holiday - we are heading out this afternoon - see you Tuesday. Bye bye Summer here comes Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cooler temps and football!

2018 has brought many changes to the MRK workflow process because we transitioned to a paperless process of receiving records. Five years ago, we would talk about going digital, hem and haw and say we will think about it and then say yea - sounds complicated. Late last year it dawned on us we were late in arriving to the digital party and that the paper records were killing us. Storage was scarce, files were getting bigger and more difficult to manage and staff had to make trips in to the office and some lived quite a distance away. Law firms were also asking us if we could receive the records digitally, and some were asking why we didn’t go digital. The technology had improved, making it easier – and more cost-effective &nd...

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Thanks for your patience the phone and internet are both working again.

Our phones and internet are out this morning and it appears our entire building is out. Thanks for your patience.

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