We are disappointed to report that we jumped the gun on announcing the news of our move. We had been in negotiations for a lengthy period of time and thought everything was a go and then had an entity back out of the deal so we are not moving in the near future. We are very disappointed as we struggle with parking at Coyle Ave and we were hoping to provide easier access for all of our clients. We are starting over looking for space and hopefully we will have news to report in the near future.

MRK consultants are working in the Fresno Bakersfield area since the start of the year. Call our offices for more information or to schedule an exam or record review.

Reading an article that questions what is the best advice when faced with choices of fad diets, and artificial sweeteners . Do smaller changes still have health benefits? Is a fad diet harmful? Research shows overall a balanced diet is preferable to any macronutrient-focused diet. Is fake sugar consumption better than consuming sugar? Verdict - Artificial sweeteners help weight loss/maintenance. Age old advice of everything in moderation still stands.

Just like our clients, MRK deals with volumes of medical records. On our clinical side, several years ago we went to EMR and slowly adapted to charting with computers, digital x-rays and change. For many of us it was a difficult transition and kudos to our staff that learned many new ways to do their jobs. Many of our staff have been with us for over 20 years and our office practice has changed so much as technology improved. Because we want to be good consumers and conserve resources we are now going to implement reviewing our records in digital format. We hope to save massive amounts of paper, be more efficient and cost effective. This will be a slow transition and we hope to complete the transition by the end of the year.

Another c...

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Thank you to all that have served to protect our country and freedom.

Both Dr. Younger and Dr. Klein have been busy this year with outside activities and are looking forward to the upcoming holidays. Dr. Klein is volunteer clinical faculty at University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento and Dr. Younger has recently been appointed to that position. Both will assist with teaching Orthopedic residents at the Sacramento campus. Dr. Klein spends one day a week on campus and Dr. Younger anticipates having the same schedule. Dr. Klein returned from a week in Florida where he was participating in activities for the North American Spine Society as well as visiting family. Both Dr. Younger and Dr. Klein will attend the Defense Council of Northern California and Nevada annual meeting in San Franci...

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Dr. Younger has recently been appointed volunteer clinical faculty at University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento California.

Dr. Michael Klein Jr is co-chair of SpinePac the political action committee of the North American Spine Society and sponsored a meeting in Los Angels on Aug 3, 2017 at Ristorante Oficine Brera. The speaker was Congressman Raul Ruiz (Dem) representing Southern California. He is an Emergency Room MD by training and involved in health care issues.

Dr. Klein attended the California Public Protection & Physicians Health, Inc. (CPPPH) meeting on Oct 7 in Oakland, CA. The meeting focused on "Effective Functioning of Well-Being Committees - Need to Know" He will provide this information at a Dignity Health Retreat in Napa next February.

Due to circumstance beyond my control I have been off social medial and the internet all summer. Something that struck me today coming out of JAMA is that adolescents in grades 8, 10 and 12 who took part in competitive sports were more likely to receive a concussion diagnosis during their lifetime with 19.5% reporting at least one previous concussion in their lifetime. Overall 13,388 adolescents participated in the survey. These findings are consistent with those from emergency department and regional studies that show that participation in sports is one of the leading causes of concussions among adolescents.

My mother who is normally a sane individual was a huge Chicago Bulls fan and insisted during the Bulls championship runs that network TV and the NBA colluded and that no NBA championship series would ever be allowed to end in four games because the network's needed the ratings and the revenues. Looks like her conspiracy theory may be disproven tonight. Go Golden State.

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