Dr. Younger has left the building! He is on his way to Las Vegas to attend the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. The Academy starts today and runs through Saturday March 16. The Academy is an orthopedic organization founded at Northwestern University in 1933 and as of 2015 it has grown to include about 39,000 members. It is the preeminent provider of musculoskeletal education or orthopedic surgeons in the world.


We live and work in Sacramento, California and we have a home in Truckee. In all the years we have lived and played in Truckee we have not seen snow like this. Two years ago we had a record breaking snow year and the month of February 2019 has broken all records. The down side is its very difficult to get to Truckee as the snow just keeps coming. Happy March everyone.

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We are hoping the winds die down and the fires can be contained in the Chico and Malibu area. Our thoughts are with you.

We had a record reviewers meeting today and we did more training with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Overall, we are doing fantastic, but it has been a challenge with some files. All we can say is thank goodness for google and Adobe support. The records themselves are much easier to organize, the challenge is at times opening files and diagnostics. It is really amazing when you think about how different our process is now compared to when we had paper records. We are finishing our fifth month and overall we love this process.

Tracy is on vacation in Hawaii. Hope you are enjoying your time off. Our phones were out this am, please bear with us tomorrow as we catch up on communications. It was a building wide outage that we had no control over.

Love my Mac, actually I really appreciate all of my computers and programs, and phones and printers etc, etc. That is I love them when they work. Recently, I was so frustrated that my downloads were taking so long and I was blaming it on my internet provider, my server in the office etc when my son, who started using computers when he was a toddler, asked me if I ever clean up my computer. What?? I had Word documents and downloads on there from eons ago. He pointed out that I would never stand for that at the office or at home so why didn't I update and clean up my computer files? Good question. I envy the generation that has such a easy relationship with technology. My computer is now working much better.


MRK physicians are attending the Northern American Spine Society Meeting in LA this week and last night at the Spine PAC dinner Dr. Klein was awarded Outstanding Service for 2018. Congratulations Dr. Klein.

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Last night at the Spine PAC dinner, we met associates of Dr. Kleins who are at the meeting. They traveled to LA from New Delhi India. Bhavuk Garg, MD and Pankaj Kandwal MD. He recently enjoyed presenting a paper at the hospital they practice at in India.

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Michael Klein, MD, our founder, has just returned from a trip to New Delhi, India where he gave two presentations at the 6th annual International GOSICON Fragility Fracture Network (India) Dr. Klein has had a long term interest in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. His presentations were "Osteoporosis: It's Origin, The extent of the problem and Pathophysiology and Osteoporosis: Diagnosis and Treatment Options to Include Pro-Active Local and National Education Programs. Both presentations included video animations as a helpful adjunct when discussing treatments options with patients, as well as animations depicting the interaction between osteoblasts, osteoclasts and osteocytes.

MRK Medical Consultants is a co-sponsor of Masters Seminar Motions for Summary Judgment Do's and Dont's from the Office to the Court, presented by San Joaquin County Trial Lawyers Association and Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada. Honorable Barbara Kronlund, San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge and Jeanette Gerlomes, Research Attorney for Judge Kronlund along with Co-Chairs Lawrence M. Knapp, David B. Walker and Mike Kronlund. Approved for 1.5 General Hours of MCLE. Registration at www.CAOC.ORG/18SJCTLA-ADC. Held at Valley Brew Restaurant 157 West Adams Street, Stockton, CA 95204. Additional CO-sponsors The Arcane Halterbeck Group, Baird Private Wealth Management, CALDEP, Offices of Noah S. A. Schwart...

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