Michael R. Klein, Jr, MD received word today that the Governance Committee and the NASS Board of Directors have selected him to receive the North American Spine Society's 2020 David Selby Award for contributions to the art and science of spinal disorder management through service to NASS.

On Monday, March 23, 2020, the chief justice of California issued an order suspending jury trials statewide for the next 60 days due to COVID-19 health restrictions. We realized this severely impacts many of our clients, and we are ready to work with your changing circumstances. We can:
- reschedule exams.
- change an exam to a record review by our physicians, which can be completed even with the trial suspension and stay-at-home orders. This can be beneficial if you have a video or telephone settlement conference or arbitration scheduled; you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to move forward.
- schedule phone calls with the medical consultant on your case; we want you to have the m...

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MRK Medical Consultants remains open for business. Our staff is working from home and can be contacted through their normal MRK email addresses. Our physicians continue to do record reviews and all other work they can do remotely.

Our staff is currently rescheduling IMEs set for all satellite offices through April 15, 2020. We will determine as we go along if that date will need to be pushed even further back. We also recognize that your trial, arbitration, or settlement conference dates could be affected by California Governor Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order of March 19, 2020. If this is the case and you need to move an IME or discuss your record review needs, please let us know. We ...

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MRK is currently seeking medical experts that specialize in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Neuropsychology. Please contact our medical director Edward Younger, MD. to discuss becoming an expert consultant in California and Nevada.

MRK Medical Consultants offices will be closed on Monday Jan 20 for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Charles Raggio is a licensed Metallurgical Engineer in the State of California. He is the Principal Engineer at Raggio Metallurgical Group providing consulting and failure analysis services to a variety of industries. He has extensive experience in the custom orthopedic implant market having personally designed over two thousand custom implants for hip, knee and shoulders. He is available as an expert in implant failures.

Last Monday at 4 am I was up and on my way to the hospital for my total knee replacement. IV's were in, leg was shaved and the nurse noticed a small spot on the knee that was to be replaced. It was a very small abrasion, however the surgeon cancelled surgery as it increased my risk of infection. Thanks to all who have inquired to my progress and recovery status. I have spent the week relaxing at home and trying to adjust emotionally to having the surgery cancelled. I am scheduling the surgery for this fall. I appreciate all the support and good wishes.

Just venting today folks. Yesterday another employee had their car hit in the parking garage. This brings our total to 7 accidents in the garage. What make this even more frustrating is that more often than not the perpetrators do not leave their information. Thanks for listening.

Hard to believe but it has been one year since MRK started to use programs to prepare documents and review PDF files. It has been very exciting and challenging to learn new systems, implement new procedures and overall improve our product. We no longer have to depend on mail delivery services to have our records sent which means that we are faster in turning around our files. Last year when we talked about the Cloud in meetings we had staff that pointed to the sky! During our transition our office manager oversaw the installation of new servers and new computers, and trained staff from different disciplines on how to use the software. We are moving next year to a building with better pa...

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For many years I trained at a trauma center and as a surgeon I saw daily how fragile our lives are. Every day families worlds were upended by accidents and life events. At a certain point I left trauma and started doing scheduled orthopedic procedures, surgeries that people planned for and life was very different from the world of trauma. I thought possibly a way to control what goes on in my world. In the 90's I started doing Independent Medical Exams and again I am witness to patients whose lives are greatly impacted by accidents and life events. Today, as I listen to the KCRA news with reports of several tragic accidents in the Sacramento area I am reminded by how fragile our lives...

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