Computer skills and life

Two years ago our office went digital and many of MRK's employees had to learn new computer skills and basically learn new ways to perform our jobs. It was a struggle at times but we all stepped up and did it. The age range of the employees vary and most did not learn how to use computers as kids.

Today I saw a post on a neighborhood community site that a woman was outraged because our local Taco Bell was installing a kiosk for lobby ordering and she could not believe that Taco Bell would ask her 60ish mother to use a computer to order food. The Taco Bell was still going to have counter ordering for folks that couldn't manage the computer. This post led me to reflect on how many new skills our staff had learned and how grateful I am to all of them for not being closed minded about learning new technology. Yes some of us are at or nearing that 60ish age range and I would like to say to this woman, we can use a computer, don't write us off yet.