Document Management

Hard to believe but it has been one year since MRK started to use programs to prepare documents and review PDF files. It has been very exciting and challenging to learn new systems, implement new procedures and overall improve our product. We no longer have to depend on mail delivery services to have our records sent which means that we are faster in turning around our files. Last year when we talked about the Cloud in meetings we had staff that pointed to the sky! During our transition our office manager oversaw the installation of new servers and new computers, and trained staff from different disciplines on how to use the software. We are moving next year to a building with better parking and we will be looking at a smaller space as our file rooms are rapidly shrinking! I had a flashback to around 2004 or 2005 when we stopped using floppy disks which was so revolutionary at the time we had staff that lost their minds on how we would accomplish that transition. We have a fantastic IT support company and they are experts in medical records systems and we have a long relationship with them from our clinical practice. At times we relied on them daily as we made all of these changes. I want to acknowledge our staff that have been with us for many many years who moved outside of their comfort zones and were challenged to learn these new procedures.