Early this year we decided to update our website and started the process by contacting Mopro. Mopro is a website development company that works with you step by step to develop a site. It was quite a journey that challenged us. Our first challenge was they needed video and photos. MRK has many staff that work off site and getting everyone in to the office for a photo shoot was challenging. We all came dressed in our best and most photogenic work clothes and the videographer was fantastic. There was no script and they recommended justing "winging" what we would say about our company, work, mission, etc. Our first shoot had many great shots and we were pleased. However the digital gods had other ideas as photo files were damaged and we had to reshoot as everything was unusable. So we did it again! The second time we had an idea of what to expect and I think we actually were a bit more comfortable with the cameras and we think the shots turned out great. Mopro was great and we are still fine tuning a few things and we are excited to have the new site up and running. Thanks Paula and Mopro.